Emma-Louise Jordan

Freiburg, Germany

Dozentin for dance and bodywork at the Conservatory of Music in Freiburg, Germany.

email: Emma-louise@gmx.li

Amos Machanic, Jr.

New York, NY

Substitute for Hilary in NYC

Faculty at:
American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive

email: amachanic@aol.com

Jim Phillips

New York, NY and Italy

Faculty at:
- American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive
- Bassi Brugnatelli International Conducting and Singing Symposium - Robbiate, Italy

email: whereintheworldisjim@me.com

Moraima Gaetmank

Paris, France

Teaches exclusively with Paris Opera Ballet



Lars Thomasen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Bergen, Norway

tel: +4520352463
email: lars@movementcph.dk



Ebba N. Legaspi

Boston, MA

tel: 617-372-5899

email: ebba888@me.com
www.enlstudio.com and ldyoga.com

Amos Pinhasi

New York, NY

Vienna, Austria and Zurich, Switzerland

Substitute for Hilary in NYC

tel: 212-675-0386

email: pinhasiamos@gmail.com

Maria Holm

New York, NY

Substitute for Hilary in NYC

Faculty at:
American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive

email: maria.ik.holm@gmail.com

Michele Moritz
New York, Southern New Jersey​

Academy of Dance Arts, NJ- Teaches YYoga Narada® and ballet classes and Ballet Arts City Centre, NY- Teaches Yoga Narada®

tel: 917-488-5508
email: myhomebody8@gmail.com

Hilary Cartwright

Matt Leuders

Portland. OR

email: info@reformpilatespdx.com

Yoga Narada® Teachers can be found worldwide.   ​The work is now spreading through the US and Europe, becoming more easily accessible with the following teachers.  They have all worked and trained with me over a period of many years, and we remain in close communication.  I have the utmost trust and confidence in both their work and them as human beings. Please do contact them for more information as to where they are teaching if they are in a location near you.

Lauren Puente

Los Angeles, CA

 tel: 917-474-6200

email: lrpuente@gmail.com