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Hilary Cartwright

About Hilary

Following her career as a soloist with the Royal Ballet (England), Hilary became a teacher, a coach and a director of a number of ballet companies. She has also staged a number of ballets, and is an Ashton Associate. In 2023, Hilary became one of seven honorees to receive the Dance Teacher Magazine award.

She developed Yoga Narada®,which she had been teaching for the past 25 years as "Yoga for Dancers,” after co-founding White Cloud Studio in New York with Juliu Horvath. Her unique approach and presentation have taken her all over the world. Her work is acclaimed by dancers in internationally renowned ballet companies, schools for young students, and an expanding group of individuals who are non-dancers. She started Yoga Narada®retreats in Italy the summer of 2006 housed in a beautiful picturesque villa outside Florence. This original endeavor continues annually and has expanded to include retreats in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, London and Bath, England, Paris, Morocco, Hawaii, California, Portland, and Seattle. These locations have become training centers for the team of new teachers she is assembling. Future locations are now in planning stages.

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