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Due to COVID 19, All retreats, workshops and intensives are on hold until further notice.

Experience Hilary's work via her weekly classes in New York City, at retreats, at workshops and the Yoga Narada®Teacher Training.

Virtual Yoga Narada®Classes

Schedule- Classes are eastern time

Thursday 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Saturday 11:00 am -1:00pm


Special Remote Pricing

$150 per class card of 10

$20 per single class


Please email me at to register for classes. After payment, I will send you the class link.


Yoga Narada®Intensives

Students have an opportunity to attend 3-5-day Yoga Intensives in locations such as:


Long Beach, CA

Menla Tibetan House, NY


London, England

Valencia, Spain

Paris, or elsewhere in France

Portland, OR

Seattle WA



There are two major retreats each year:


Summer in Europe

Winter in Hawaii


Each retreat is different, depending on the uniqueness of the locale. This enhances the learning experience and allows for a full immersion into the course. People return year after year, whether it is to continue their training, learn for their own benefit or simply enjoy a yoga retreat on their holiday.


Video Sessions

Consultation sessions via Zoom, Skype or Facetime are offered for Yoga and Gyrotonic® for teachers and students alike. I am always willing to share information, but for those who have specific questions or enquiries, being able to take time to have lengthier discussions is important. Please email me at to book.


Sessions are offered on an hourly or half hourly basis at $100 per hour.

Image by Kari Shea


Eva Von Aster

Bern, Switzerland Student and Virtual Class Participant

First of all I realise the softness of this work and how good it makes me feel. It is so honest and so well thought out. And then the alignment!! Its magic how I develop somehow the ballet alignment but without the stress of a ballet class. It is all you ever wish as an Ex-dancer. But since I practise without mirror, I feel not the outside alignment, but somehow the inner alignment, the awakeness and the mindfulness in the movements.


Alice Evelyn

New York City Student and Virtual Class Participant


One of the things I love about studying with you is the gentle and thoughtful progression of the exercises, which proves without a doubt that one doesn't need a drill sergeant to get meaningful results from their workout. Also, of all the training programs I have tried, I find your method of warming up and strengthening the lower stomach (which has always been an area of weakness for me), to be the most effective. In terms of artistic integrity, indeed, in your class I feel I am being taught performance techniques while I am opening up my joints, properly aligning my bones, and stretching and strengthening muscles that have long been stuck or dormant.

I look forward to continued study with you; and to gaining a deeper understanding of the material and how my body, mind, and spirit function within it.


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